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Package Description
Common classes for parsing RTF files and streams
Root package of all XSL-FO related classes
Set of attributes for formatting objects
Classes for environment and session properties
Contains all elements for text flow
Common and super classes for importer (e.g.
Elements for pagination of XSL-FO documents
Contains abstract and implemented renderers for XSL-FO documents
Implementation of abstract report engine for XSL-FO
RTF to XSL-FO converter and importer
Tools for command line interface, batch converting and image converting
Support for writing XSL-FO document with java code
This package contains a small framework for generating many reports on fly.
Implementations of report sources
Report sources using CSV files
Report sources using a JDBC Database
Report sources using Swing (table) models
Report sources using XML files
Implementations of report storages
XML related classes
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